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Replacing & Cleaning the Air Filter in a Husqvarna Chainsaw

The following guide will show you how to clean and change your air filter.

How To Clean Your Husqvarna Chainsaw Air Filter - Farrand & Mason Ltd.

1.The first step is to grab a flathead screwdriver and open the three latches on the cylinder cover, giving access to your filter.

2. Remove your cylinder cover

3. Use the screwdriver to lift and release the metal latch that holds the air filter in place.

4. Check your air filter for dirt and damages

5. Put the screwdriver between the upper and lower part of the air filter to separate them.

6. If your air filter appears very dirty or damaged you should replace it.

7. If you decide to clean your filter, use a clean brush or wash the filter with soap and water.

8. Fit the air filter back together correctly before putting the cylinder cover back onto your chainsaw.

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