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How To Prepare A Petrol Lawnmower For Storage Over Winter!

1. Clean your lawn mower

Before storing your lawnmower in for the winter, you first need to give it a thorough clean after the last cut of the year. Any old grass built up on the mower can be removed using a wooden or plastic spatula, you should also avoid leaving any grass in the cooling fins or the exhaust area of the lawnmower.


2. Grease moving parts

Thoroughly grease and lubricate all moving parts, this is very important and your lawn mower will thank you when winter’s over!


3. Check the cutting blade

After you prep your lawn mower for winter you should take a close look at the blade. It is important to know if it will be in good shape before you take it out of storage to start the first cut next year. Blades should be looked at after every 25 hours of use. It isn’t fully winterised and ready to put away if you can see any cracks or notches. If you see any issues with the blades please get in contact with us.


4. Remove and inspect the spark plug

Remove it and see if it needs cleaning or changing. A spark plug should be replaced after 100 hours of use, as spark plug faults can cause the mower to run poorly. Once you’ve done that, the next maintenance step is to pour approximately 3 cubic centimetres of engine oil into the spark plug opening, then run it through the engine without the spark plug installed by pulling the starter cord a few times. Doing this keeps the engine well protected while it’s in storage over the winter months.


5. Storing your lawnmower for winter months

After the previous steps have all been completed, now you need a suitable place to store it for the cold season, this should be a dry, dust free space, and the lawn mower should preferably be covered up and then stored in its normal position. This gives the lawnmower its best chance of preforming at the same level and expanding the life of the lawnmower.


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