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Febuary Lawncare Advice

There is not too much to do with your lawn in February as the weather tends to still be very cold. During this time continue to stay off the grass as much as possible especially if there has been frost. Walking on your lawn when there's been frost can cause damage. Continue or begin to tackle any moss problems by applying a suitable treatment to your lawn. This can discourage the moss issue and also any lawn disease problems.

The best way to apply these treatments to your lawn would be using a high quality spreader or sprayer. At Lawnmower Parts Online we stock a wide selection of both Agrifab spreaders and sprayers.


Agri-Fab Sprayers are the best tow behind sprayer on the market for use with your lawn tractor. a sprayer is such a universal product ideal for weed control on lawns or drive ways. Its ideal for spot spraying weeds in beds and one all surfaces. a sprayer can also double as a watering system for lawns in hotter summers allowing a very even layer of fluid to be applied to any surface.


As for Agri-Fab Spreaders allow for an even application f fertilizer to your lawn. Most grass fertilizers are nitrogen based, these should only really be applied when the grass is growing. for maximum impact you may want to apply fertilizer ever 4 to 6 weeks depending on the weather conditions, this will give you a very green and even lawn.

You can start spreading fertilizer from February, March on usually or as soon as the grass begins to grow. Spreaders can also double up in the winter months by spreading salt on frozen road and pathways. Spreaders should be thoroughly washed between applications and in particular before being stored following salt spreading.

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