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Everything You Need To Know About Pressure Washer Nozzles!

Everything You Need To Know About Pressure Washer Nozzles!!

Choose the wrong nozzle and you could:

1. Peel the paint off your car

2. Damage your wood deck

3. Punch through the mortar of your brick driveway that would costly repairs

By choosing the right nozzle and it almost doesn’t matter the PSI and GPM of your pressure washer, it will get the clean you desire. This is because the nozzle is what creates the pressure in pressure washer

When the stream from the hose is weak and barely reaches 5-ft what do you do? You use your thumb to block off 3/4 of the opening. What the nozzles do is restrict the flow and increase the velocity. This increase is what causes the cleaning power and force of the pressure washer water.

Just like you use different grits of sandpaper when sanding down wood, you need to use different nozzles for different jobs. The main types of nozzles are as follows:


1. 0° Red Nozzle Tip - Maximum Blast

This is the most high pressure nozzle. Mainly used on construction equipment, or rust, or holding at the right distance remove tough stains from high strength concrete.

5 Piece 1/4" Nozzle Kit for Pressure washer lance

2. 15° Yellow Nozzle Tip - Medium Stripping

This nozzle is used to preparing surfaces for painting. and also when used from the right distance can be great at removing tough mud and dirt

3. 25° Green Nozzle Tip - Gentle Lifting and Cleaning

The most common nozzle tip to use for around the home. Used for cars, patio furniture, driveways and walls. This the most popular nozzle as it creates a nice wide sheet of water that cleans a greater area faster than yellow or red.

4. 40° White Nozzle Tip - Minimum Spraying

Low pressure which is used for fragile surface like windows and blinds.

5. 65° Black Nozzle Tip - Soap Nozzle

The soaping tip nozzle has the widest degree at 65°. It needs a larger orifice to decrease velocity thus increasing pressure in the hose. This increase in pressure pulls detergent into the line so you can apply soap to the surface for an easier clean. Spray prior to cleaning with a lower degree nozzle and watch the grime fly off.

The nozzles on our site are attached below!!!!

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