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Caring for your Lawn in Winter

In Ireland, during the Winter it's too cold for any grass to grow, so we wait patiently for spring, sometimes under snow cover, sometimes not. However, lawn care doesn't quite end in the Winter. Try these helpful tricks to keep your yard in good nick as the Winter approaches.

Caring for your lawn in winter Do's:

• Dig out the large weeds in your lawn.
• Check for growth spurts and see if it is required to give your lawn a light mow on a dry day using a high cutting setting on your lawnmower.
• Remove any leaves or debris that have fallen from your lawn. Debris can weaken your lawn during the cold winter periods.
• Service your lawn mower to ensure it’s ready for action in the spring.


Apply fertilizer with a spreader. As you move the machine back and forth over the grass, grip the handle like a trigger, it releases pellets when you "shoot." Follow the instructions on the fertilizer package. Apply only the recommended amount. Be careful because too much fertilizer can burn your grass.

Aerate the Lawn

Provide some extra air for grassroots by aerating your lawn. Use a spade to take out spikes of soil across your lawn to make holes for planting seeds. If your lawn is large, you might want to think about buying an Agri-Fab Aerator. Check out Agri-Fab Accessories HERE

Spread Cool-Weather Grass Seed

Purchase grass seed that says "cool season" or "cool weather" on the package, these are available from any lawncare store. You can sprinkle the seed over the lawn with the same spreader you used for the fertilizer. It's important to spread the seed evenly.

Rake and Water the Lawn

Drag a rake over the lawn to break up soil clumps and cover the seeds a bit. Water the lawn with the garden hose spray. After that, keep the soil moist, don't let it dry out.

Caring for your lawn in Winter DON’Ts:

• Try not to walk on the grass too much as this can damage your lawn, especially if frost has fallen.
• Overfeeding your lawn can lead to early growth that can't cope with this harsh climate, therefore use a cautious approach.

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